Set in the year 2050, you have to fight against the robot overlords who enslave humanity. Join a Squad in this MMORPG and start levelling up whilst collecting in-game items as you complete missions and explore the futuristic SOL City.

Help us build our game via Decentralised Game Development at Gamerplex!


Pre-Alpha Build

  • Demonstrate Cyberwars world concept built out on Unreal Engine 4
  • Add player controls
  • Test game optimisations for PC & Mobile

Alpha v0.02

  • Build out basic weapon systems
  • Build out mission system
  • Introduce robot enemy combatants
  • Introduce Cybertruck driving

Alpha v0.03

  • Improve Cybertruck controls
  • Build green/red risk zones
  • Integrate with Stardust for Solana NFT blockchain management
  • Improve Cybertruck driving controls

Alpha v0.04

  • Audius music integration
  • In game NFT item integration
  • Stardust wallet management
  • Playable Beta for Solana Ignition Hackathon

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